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Ghost, rescue wolf from the Colorado Wolf Rescue Adventures, Garden Of the Gods.

Living in Colorado is a constant source of inspiration and awe. My art is fueled by wanderlust, a reverence for the natural world, and our place in it.       

The mystery of the unexpected, and the acceptance that one never knows which way a painting is going to lead me, is a source of challenge and joy.

A painting has its' own way of evolving. Sometimes I just have to get out of the way and let the process happen. 

Every painting has a story. Finding your own way into a painting, creates a personal narrative. I hope my paintings unfold your own story, and a new way seeing. 


I prefer to leave a painting before I overthink it, while it is still spontaneous! 

If I can catch that moment of light, shadow, and color in my art, and share it with you,

then I am successful.

I haven't met a medium I didn't like. I work in Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Collage, and

Printmaking. I can't imagine a more exciting & challenging practice than making art.

I am grateful for every moment of this journey.

                        My work is available in original format, prints, and commission. 


                                           Gallery Representation  


                                                   Gallery 113

                                                125 1/5 N Tejon

                                              Colorado Springs, CO



                                              Reserve Our Gallery

                                              400 W Midland Ave

                                               Woodland Park, Co













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